Babs  Wensleydale

Back in the distant past the 3rd Duke of Wensleydale met a comely northern lass while riding across moors high above the Wensleydale valley. Despite the Duke being thrice married, they had twenty-seven children and Babs was one of the many descended from this extended family.


She longed to escape the Yorkshire town where she grew up and a future working in the cotton mills, so she turned to music for a way out. Babs built her first clarinet from a whippet, a lump of coal and an old boot and played the workingmen’s clubs of her hometown.

In search of a more appreciative audience, Babs took the circus train down south, ending up in Bristol where Fromage en Feu heard one of her wild solos and demanded she join the band.  Her skillful playing adds the sweet honey to Eloïse’s raucous melodies.