Jan  Christiaan  van der  Gouda

Descended from a long line of traveling cheese-makers, Jan van der Gouda's great, great, great Hungarian grandfather was the personal purveyor of fromage to none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. Nagysajt Jacobska changed his name name to Erik Kristoff van der Gouda to escape punishment after the fall of Napoleon and fled to the deltas of Delft.



Jan himself found his flat Dutch homeland unsuitable for his chosen sport of cheese-rolling. In his quest for sporting prowess, he travelled to the West Country and followed the trail of downhill-rolling cheeses into Bristol, picking up an abandoned accordion found by the side of the road along the way.

One of the founder members of Fromage en Feu, Jan has re-discovered his Napoleonic roots as he dictates order to the unruly anarchists who make up the rest of the band.