Jimi  Caerphilly

The honest, sea-going de la Rivieres and the hard drinking, hard fighting Savals had feuded for generations and it only ended when a de la Riviere girl and a Caerphilly boy fell in love, got married and both families realised that they had completely forgotten what their endless feud was actually about.



Jimi was one of the children of this union and grew up in the wild Caerphilly lands in Wales. There he was taught guitar by the mystical, cigar-smoking maestro - Perry Pantysgawn. Eventually selling half of his soul to the Devil in a reckless pledge to become the most lethal and furious guitarist known to sheep kind.

He came to Bristol to seek revenge on the Y Fenni gang who were known to be hiding there after the Great Sheep’s Milk Massacre. He is yet to find them but in the meantime his trusty dog Stilton (now sadly deceased) led him to Fromage en Feu, where he was able to use his unsurpassed guitar skills to great effect.