Louis  Parmigiano

Born in to a cheese making community in Parma, Italy, Louis thrived on a diet of hard pungent cheese. After a particularly vivid dairy induced dream he knew his destiny was to play il contrabbasso. Following pressure to take an active role in 'the family', Louis gave out a cry of "I Camembert it any longer!" and set off in search of his dream.

Inspired by Hemmingway, Louis sailed across Lake Maggiore in to Switzerland using his bass as a raft. It was in the Alps that Louis met a masked pony with a love of smooth creamy cheese. They trekked their way to Bristol town drawn to the sounds of Fromage en Feu. Upon arrival, his trusty steed gave him the finest hair from his own tail, from which Louis would craft a bass bow without equal. 

Louis provides the 'Oom' to Jimi's 'Pah" keeping the cheese beat connoisseurs stomping and twirling from dusk till dawn.